1. 1. Participant Requirements for College Students and High School Students
    1. a. The participants are the active college students, either Indonesian students or international students, and high school students.
    2. b. Participant consists of at least 3-4 college students for each innovation product.
    3. c. Registration starts from June 14 to August 14, 2022
    4. d. Each participant is allowed to present more than one innovation product.
    5. e. Each participant is required to follow Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta Instagram account.
    6. f. Each participant is required to follow IITE 2022 Instagram account.
    7. g. Each team proceeds the registration to committee via https://form.jotform.com/221671387047459 with the payment in the amount of IDR 100.000 / USD 15 ( College Students) or IDR 75.000 ( High School Student and sends the payment receipt.
    8. h. Participant is required to send innovation product video in English with duration of 3-5 minutes with 2nd IITE 2022 logo attachment. Video is submitted along with Google drive link.
    9. i. Innovation product poster size requirements: length x width (80 cm x 60 cm) or (120 cm x 90 cm) in RGB, tiff, jpeg format (90-100 cm x 110-120 cm), either in vertical or horizontal.
    10. j. Video is uploaded to Instagram by all team members by tagging Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta and IITE Instagram account with hashtag #ProdukInovasi_Indonusa #IITE2022
    11. k. Please don’t set your Instagram account in private mode.
    12. l. Product shall not contain pornography aspect and trigger conflict or hostility within ethnic, religious, racial, and intergroup groups (SARA).
    13. m. Innovation product that is the result of thesis/ PKM development is allowed.

Competition Implementation Schedule


Agenda Type and Schedule

Assessment by Judge



Innovation product video and poster submission:

August 15-18, 2022

August 19-20, 2022




Product Presentation

August 24, 2022

August 25, 2022

Competition Award


Assessment Category


Pharmacy, Health, Medicine, and Humanistic Therapy



1.  Ready-made Product

o    Gold  Medal

o    Silver Medal

o    Bronze Medal

2.  Prototype

o     Gold Medal

o     Silver Medal

o     Bronze Medal

 3. Potential Product

o    Gold Medal

o    Silver Medal

o   Bronze Medal

4. Best Poster

o    Gold Medal

o    Silver Medal

o    Bronze Medal

5. Best Video

o    Gold Medal

o    Silver Medal

o    Bronze Medal

6. Favorite Team

o    Gold Medal

o    Silver Medal

o   Bronze Medal


product culinary and food





Engineering, system information, IOT


Terms of Lecturer’s Works Exhibition

  1. Active lecturer from Indonesian or international colleges
  2. Complete the registration in https://form.jotform.com/221671387047459
  3. Works are submitted in poster format with the following criteria:
  • Poster is a research result or community service conducted by the lecturer
  • Poster size: length x width (80x60 cm) or (120x90cm) in RGB, tiff, jpeg format (90-100 cm x 110-120 cm), either in vertical or horizontal.
  • Poster format consists of:
  1. a) Title & Authors
  2. b) Abstract
  3. c) Introduction
  4. d) Objectives
  5. e) Discussion
  6. f) Conclusions
  7. g) References
  8. h) Acknowledgements

International Webinar Agenda

  1. International webinar can be presented by keynote speakers and plenary speakers from internal host and co-host.
  2. Webinar participants are eligibly from lecturers, national and international college students, and high school students who participate in 2nd IITE 2022 either in competition or exhibition.
  3. Webinar participants complete the registration through

IITE 2022 Registration Form Webinar Registration