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Diabetes is still one of the non-communicable diseases that are dangerous all over the world. In addition to not yet finding a drug that is really effective to cure diabetes, the disease is also a fear in itself for sufferers such as limitations in choosing food/drinks, discomfort in the body, and drugs that are consumed continuously to control blood sugar. Stevia leaves (Stevia rebaudiana) is a sweetener plant that is low in total sugar and calories that is believed to be safely
consumed by people with diabetes mellitus and obesity. Stevia dried leaves have a sweetness level of 2.5 times that of sucrose (Buchori, 2007), the sweet taste comes from stevioside compounds and rebaudioside (Abou, E., 2010) (Mishra, 2011). In addition to being low in sugar and calories, stevia is also believed to improve the body's performance in processing glucose (blood sugar) by increasing insulin production and helps in weight loss. Jarabe Sweetleaf is present in the midst of these problems. Jarabe has stevia sugar composition from the synthesis of the stevia plant, Telang flower, rosella, Na-CMC as food grade thickener, and vanilla as syrup fragrance. It is hoped that these drinks can be used as drinks of choice and have the potential to become superior drinks in Indonesian MSMEs

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