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Real Tea is the green tea from the p+2 tea leaves, through processing using technology from services to drying to maintain the flavor, the color and scent of the special tea. Special Tea make processing by the technology from sores to drying. This Tea is a potential product because that leaves of the Tea is one of the great comodity from Banjarnegara.

Special Tea has green tea with flavor and taste without fermentation. For the keep quality special tea in process or step of product full of good service.

SWOT analysis of special tea [Real Tea]


1. Wet and dry sores

2. Processing using modern technology

3. P+2 leaves tea

4. 3 until 4 reply of dispering


1. The leaves must be prepared as soon as they are processed

2. Difficult to maintain uniform quality


1. Has high economic value

2. Many raw materials

3. Great market opportunity


1. Special Tea are not widely known by society, so people prefer economical price














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