Basically, Green Technology is a big term or umbrella for the application of science and technology in order to reduce the negative impacts of environmental damage caused by human. In other words, Green Technology is a notion integrating the development of technology and environmental science. Green Technology scopes are diverse since it covers various aspects such as energy, agriculture, environment, and so on. Green Technology is developed based on its main purpose including sustainability, source reduction, and innovation concept. Sustainability concept requires society to maintain natural resources while fulfilling human need in order to avoid environmental damage. Next, source reduction means minimizing the waste and pollution by changing the production and consumption patterns. Meanwhile, innovation concept emphasizes the alternative technology developed by society which is beneficial for nature without damaging the environment.

The development of technology is increasing as the continuous need of society. Considering the use of technology as a support to fulfil the continuous need of society, society is expected to have an awareness of natural sustainability. Hence, society as the consumer and producer has responsibility to apply Green Technology idea through sustainability and innovation concept. Nowadays, most people have awareness of Green Technology by applying it in daily life like using the energy wisely, selecting the eco-friendly device, and moving to digital technology. In other words, sustainability concept is mostly applied in daily life even in the simple ways.

Furthermore, innovation concept is necessary to develop in order to provide more technology alternatives and therefore gives the benefit for environment or without damaging the nature. This innovation concept can be seen in several aspects like the using of materials, production process, tools, or the minimum result of waste and pollution. Accordingly, Unit Inovasi Teknologi & Entrepreneurship (INTENS) Politeknik Indonusa Surakarta holds the international webinar entitled “Rethinking of Green Technology for The Greater Invention”. This international webinar is expected to initiate more alternative ways to apply Green Technology concept in daily life.